Strategic Management

In addition to our procurement services, CES provides a “full service” option for those clients interested in adopting a strategic approach to energy procurement and use.  CES helps clients manage their energy costs by implementing an integrated approach to energy use and cost management. Instead of series of independent and unrelated decision points associated with the end of each commodity contract, CES helps clients to develop and then to follow a comprehensive energy procurement and use strategy.  

Our “full service” clients include colleges and universities, hospitals, industrial facilities and large retail chains.

In our role as full service energy advisor and manager, we provide the following services:
• comprehensive energy budgeting and forecasting
• integrated energy strategy development
• multi-fuel, multi-bidder strategic energy procurement
• renewable energy procurement
• co-generation feasibility
• fuel arbitrage
• fuel conversion analysis switching
• demand response
• tariff analysis and utility negotiations
• other services as desired

CES does not believe in a one-size-fits all approach to energy procurement or strategic management. We do not presume that the strategies that we use for one client will be the best set of strategies for any other client to achieve its goals. We consider each client’s unique budgetary and physical requirements as well its risk tolerance in developing a tailored procurement strategy.

Case Study: Dartmouth College