Renewable Energy Credits

In addition to helping many of our clients achieve absolute reductions in their power consumption and carbon footprints, CES has considerable experience procuring RECs for both large and small clients and in both the private and public sectors. CES helps clients to understand the many different factors that influence REC pricing including: geographic location, changing compliance market regulations, vintage, technology, and 3rd party certification. REC pricing also changes in response to supply and demand as well as regulatory changes. Understanding these relationships is critical to realizing the greatest benefit for a given dollar investment in RECs as well as protecting against claims of "green washing". 

CES procures credits from all sources including: wind, hydro, landfill gas, solar, biomass and blends. CES has sourced RECs from all over the US including Maine, Texas, Midwestern states, West Coast states and the Mid-Atlantic region. CES has sourced RECs from many firms including direct bilateral contracts with renewable energy generators and 3rd party brokerage houses.