Comprehensive Green House Gas Reduction Strategies

CES is an active participant in renewable energy, demand response and energy efficiency markets and is ready to puts its expertise in your corner to help achieve your green objectives. CES will work with you to establish clear goals and objectives, develop a strategy to achieve these goals and help you to efficiently execute that strategy.

To respond to the long-term environmental goals of our clients, CES has developed Carbon Manager™ – a proprietary tracking and analysis product offered exclusively to our clients. Carbon Manager™ consists of two modules - Carbon Tracking and Carbon Managing. The Carbon Tracking Module

1) Measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions attributable to a client’s overall activities

2) Establishes a baseline for those emissions and

3) Tracks emissions overtime against this baseline or against goals and objectives established by the company or institution.  

Carbon Tracking utilizes emission factors and methodologies that meet the audit standards required by carbon exchanges, national standards boards and federal and state regulatory agencies.

The Carbon Managing Module incorporates the results of Carbon Tracking by:

  1. Identifying strategies clients can employ to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Providing more detailed analysis and assessment about the cost effectiveness and overall efficacy of such strategies.

Climate Action Plan Design

In addition to our Carbon Tracking and Management services, we offer assistance in drafting plans to achieve carbon neutrality, in accordance with the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment.

Case Study: Bowdoin College