Renewables Sustainability Consulting


Competitive Energy Services provides a wide array of sustainability consulting services. Our company takes a comprehensive approach to our clients’ sustainability needs, from tracking and monitoring energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions, to aiding with onsite generation and fuel conversions, to procuring Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Offsets.

  • Greenhouse Gas Benchmarking: As an energy management company that is already tracking, monitoring and procuring energy on behalf of clients, we are well positioned to use this same data to provide comprehensive greenhouse gas benchmarking services.
  • Onsite Energy Projects: Whether in combination with a greenhouse gas benchmarking study or as a stand-alone project, CES offers detailed financial modeling and advisory services for prospective onsite energy projects including: combined heat and power (cogeneration or trigeneration), energy efficiency, fuel switching, demand response and renewable energy technologies.  CES staff has unique experience in the renewable energy space as developers, co-owners and operators of a 4.5 MW wind farm, a 19 MW low impact certified hydroelectric facility,  and a proposed utility scale solar PV project. CES has the experience to provide extensive consulting services associated with a variety of renewable energy technologies including: wind, solar thermal, solar PV, biomass, and hydropower.

Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Offsets: At CES we take the same rigorous approach to the procurement of renewable energy credits and offsets as we do for electricity, natural gas, and other energy commodities. We seek to maximize the benefits of a competitive bid to bring you the best product at the lowest available price in the marketplace.