April 6th, 2015

Competitive Energy Services is Selected to Bring Solar PV Opportunities to Vermont School Districts and Municipalities

Vermont—April 6, 2015—Competitive Energy Services (CES) has been selected by the PV Consortium Committee of Vermont Public School Supervisory Unions and Schools Districts (as Funded by the AOE Act 156 Grant) as the qualified energy consultant to assist all Vermont school districts and municipalities with multiple solar projects. In Vermont, solar photovoltaic (solar PV) projects have technologically matured to the point that they are creating significant electrical cost savings. Due to this development, the two parties expect that these projects will greatly benefit Vermont schools and municipalities in lowering their energy bills and increasing their commitment to sustainable living.

The PV Consortium Committee and CES are currently working together to aggregate schools. This aggregation, which allows a group of electricity bills to be considered as one large bill, is particularly important because as the number of members in the aggregation increases, the discount rates will become more competitive. Each aggregated consortium member will be offered the chance to either build solar arrays on their property or receive net-metering credits on their electricity bills from off-site solar developments. CES plans to send out a Request for Bids from solar PV developers on June 1, 2015. The target date for all solar projects to be completed is the fall of 2015. Participants should see reduction in electricity costs soon thereafter.

CES has significant experience with solar development, having consulted on more than 80MW of solar installation. CES also has particular experience advising school districts in the state of Vermont for solar PV and net metering projects: in early 2015, CES completed a 150 kW solar project with the Williamstown, VT school district that includes the possibility of offsite net metering credit opportunities. Additionally, in the state of Vermont, CES represents 13 school districts and 7 cities and towns, and has purchased more than five million gallons of liquid fuels for these clients over the past five years.

CES will be hosting a series of webinars to further explain the benefits, technicalities, and process of the project. Details on how to join the webinars can be found on CES’s website,, or by contacting Elizabeth Anderson at 207-772-6190 x260. To view the most recent webinar, click the following link CES Vermont Solar Consortuim Webinar Video.

All Vermont schools, towns, and cities are welcome to join the consortium in order to benefit from aggregation and the use of an experienced advisor. Additionally, if you are a developer or other interested party, please contact CES at your earliest convenience in order to be included in the RFB. All materials are due by Friday, May 22nd.

About Competitive Energy Services

Competitive Energy Services is an independent energy consulting firm that advises clients in a variety of sectors with managing and consulting energy costs in a competitive marketplace. CES provides a broad variety of strategic energy management services, such as procurement, risk management, budgeting, sustainability planning, economic analysis and strategy implementation across the United States and Canada. As a supplier-neutral consultant, CES’s integrated, innovative and customized solutions help clients maximize savings and manage risk in the rapidly changing energy sector.

Elizabeth Anderson
Business Development and Account Manager
207-772-6190 x260