December 9th, 2014

CES Chairman Mark Isaacson Joins Forum on Natural Gas Expansion

CES Chairman Mark Isaacson Joins Forum to Discuss Natural Gas Expansion: Lower Rates or Greater Dependence?"

Missed the event? You're in luck! You can watch the event in its entirety here.

On December 9, CES Chairman of the Board Mark Isaacson joined the Portland Press Herald Business Breakfast Forum to discuss electricity costs for Maine businesses.

The panelists listen in as CES Chairman of the Board Mark Isaacson makes a point.

The impetus for the discussion was that starting in January, mid-sized businesses on standard offer could see their rates rise up to 130 percent due to the issues surrounding natural gas in the region. The panel reviewed the causes behind the rise in energy costs, the movement to put in more pipeline to solve the issue, and alternative lines of thought.

Mr. Isaacson was joined by:

  • Greg Cunningham, Senior Attorney, Conservation Law Foundation and Interim Director, CLF'S Clean Energy and Climate Change Program
  • Tony Buxton, attorney Preti Flaherty and general counsel to Industrial Energy Consumer Group
  • Tim Schneider, Maine Public Advocate

Carol Coultas, Portland Press Herald business editor and Tux Turkel, energy reporter, hosted the discussion.