Case Studies

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Client Since: 2008

Client Type: Higher Education

Contract Type: Full Service

Project: Comprehensive energy management including approximately 46,000 MWh of electricity, 300,000 Dtm of natural gas, fuel conversion from #6 oil to natural gas, energy budget projections, renewable energy consulting, and utility bill tracking and payments for electricity, natural gas and water & sewer.


  • Assitance with understanding energy markets and timing
  • Administration of the bid and contracting processses
  • Contract price and term negotiations with suppliers
  • Utility bill tracking and payment management
  • Energy Budget forecasting and tracking
  • All energy related projects consulting
  • Renewable energy initiatives consulting

The first of the UMass System to sign with CES, UMass Lowell (UML) has enjoyed the full benefits of CES' comprehensive energy consulting services. One of our first assignments with UML was counseling UML through liquidation of an unfavorable natural gas and oil contract in 2009 as well as through conversion of one of UML’s boiler plants from burning #6 oil to natural gas. To further capitalize on the growing price differential between oil and natural gas, CES helped UML execute a delivery contract with the local utility and was able to take advantage of over $100,000 in rebates and incentives. Natural gas procurement actions that followed will save UML over $700,000 over the contract term versus the prior contract rates. CES developed a hedging strategy for the commodity portion of the contract that helps UML methodically take advantages of market dips. Furthermore, since early 2011 CES has been maintaining a web-based utility bill database called CES Utility Tracker which manages utility cost and consumption as well as utility bill payment.