Case Studies


Client Since: 2012

Client Type: Industrial

Contract Type: Full Service

Project: CES helps the City manage an energy portfolio that consists of

  • Electricity
  • #2 Oil
  • Propane
  • RECs

The Story:

Hypertherm, a CES full service client, considers environmental stewardship to be an important component of its core values. In addition to performing services such as energy budgets, market monitoring, and utility data tracking, CES has assisted Hypertherm in procuring enough renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset 100% of the company’s annual energy usage in the United States. Recently, Hypertherm asked CES to investigate the potential benefits of installing on-site solar generation. CES’s evaluation has so far involved the following:

  • Amassing detailed measurements of available roof and ground space; gauging available space and structural ability to hold solar panels.
  • Writing and issuing an RFP that encouraged a wide range of solar developers to respond.
  • Comparing energy savings with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in which the solar developer owns all generated RECs versus a PPA in which Hypertherm owns the RECs.
  • Weighing the effect, if any, on future supply contracts, including whether solar generation would flatten out Hypertherm’s load and lead to improved pricing.
  • Monitoring state legislation concerning sustainable initiatives. Most recently, the NH net metering cap was expanded from 50 MW to 100 MW.

At this time, CES is reviewing the proposals submitted in response to the RFP. While Hypertherm’s solar project is under consideration, CES will continue to refine its analyses as new information including consumption, regulatory or supply, becomes available.