Case Studies

Amherst College

Client Since: 2007

Client Type: Higher Education

Contract Type: Full Service

Project: CES helps the College manage an energy portfolio that consists of electricity, natural gas, #2 oil, ULSD, #6 oil and propane. All energy decisions are influenced by available dual fuel options and onsite co-generation capability.


  • Determination of the economically-beneficial timing to run cogeneration and on which fuel
  • Negotiation with the natural gas utility to increase pipeline capacity
  • Performed economic analysis to add a compressor which assisted in increasing the number of days to burn cheaper and lower carbon natural gas
  • Prepared detailed annual energy budgets that include different options that the College has in regards to purchasing and generating electricity
  • Energy strategy to maximize dual fuel capabilities and fuel arbitrage opportunities
  • Load response and demand-side management
  • Resolving invoicing issues from suppliers and utilities
  • Year over year cost comparisons

The scope of services performed for Amherst College demonstrates CES’s experience with energy markets and local utilities. It shows the broad range of services that CES provides while taking into account Amherst’s unique requirements and needs. Amherst College has saved hundred of thousands of dollars against budget due to actions that were taken based on CES recommendations.