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March 19th, 2012

Welcome to the CES Spotlight Blog

by Jon Sorenson, President and COO

I am pleased to welcome you to the CES Spotlight Blog.

Our company takes tremendous pride in our knowledge of the energy sector and in the expertise of our professional staff.  With this blog, and with our coordinated newsletters, e-alerts and social media, our team will provide a snapshot of our views on a myriad of energy topics.  Our discussion here will range over the wide areas in which we do work and analysis, including energy management strategy, procurement and market analysis.

Decisions about energy have a profound effect on the finances and operations of almost every entity working in both the public and private sectors.  Having quality and timely information is essential for any person who is making these critical and difficult decisions.  Given the rapid change of the energy industry, it is important to have sources of information to help navigate through these complexities.

For our clients, we serve as that guide on a range of diverse projects.  With this blog, we hope to provide a taste of that guidance and an interesting perspective on what’s happening in the world of energy.

Please follow us on Twitter, where we’ll provide a link to each new blog entry and other relevant updates.

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